Monday, March 7, 2011

Okonimyaki in Little Tokyo

I was informed by my friend that there's this place in Little Tokyo that serves the best 'Okonomyaki' in the country. Well, 'Okonomiyaki' is my favorite Japanese dish and when I heard this, I heard nothing but bells in my ear. How is it that I've never tried or heard of this place before?

I'm now on the hunt for this place, let me know if anyone knows about it.

If you wanna know more about 'Okonomiyaki', click this Information from Wikipedia.


After a few searches in Google, I have learned that the best lead is a place called 'Kagura' in Little Tokyo. I'm zeroing on this location this week, this has got to be a potential list-topper for me.

Google Maps Location: Kagura Japanese Restaurant, Makati.