Saturday, February 5, 2011

Momo Cafe, Eastwood

Name: Momo Cafe
Location: Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City
Google Maps: Eastwood Mall
Date and Time: Jan 29, 2011 7:08pm
Must know: Free appe-starter - toast garlic bread w/ cheese pimiento dip, fast orders perfect for people on the go, complementary chocnut when you ask for the bill.

Ordered from the menu:
  • Grilled Pesto Chicken, Bacon, & Apple "Caesar's Caesar" Salad (Php 295.00)
  • Old Fashioned Beer Battered "Fish & Chips" (Php 395.00)
  • "San Francisco Style" Seafood Pesto Cream Linguine (Php 395.00)
Okay, so I practically begged Primo for the chance to review my all-time favorite restaurant, Momo. Just a stone's throw away from where I work, my colleagues and I make a point to frequent the place for its home away home feel... addicting for us highly-stressed individuals who long for a home-cooked meal or two before we go back out into the urban jungle where we call work.
"Caesar's Caesars" Salad (Php 295.00)
The salad here at Momo comes highly recommended, I have been here so many times and the one thing I can say is that they are consistent with their salad quality, taste and freshness. The romaine is served crisp and cool, almost as if it were just picked from the gardens they were grown moments before. Mixed into the delightful salad blend is a helpful serving of pesto chicken, bacon, croutons, fresh green apple and hard-boiled egg halves. Great for sharing and a starter for the meal to come.

"Fish & Chips" Platter (Php 395.00)
The fish in the fish and chips was a little bland for my taste, which is why taking a bite after adding a squeeze of lemon and a bit of the sweet vinegar that it comes with is recommended. The homemade tartar sauce isn't spectacular, although it does come as a nice complement to the plain fried fish. But it does come with homemade twister fries/potato wedges-and that definitely ups the score on this dish! Really tasty!

"San Francisco Style" Linguine (Php 395.00)
It was the linguine that took me by surprise, definitely the "sleeper hit" in this trio. They have their secret tomato sauce to thank for that. dente. Squid... Tender. Eating experience... Priceless.

Food Quality - 4 for ingredient freshness and the generally appealing menu
Ambiance - 4.5 for the home-away-from-home-like feel of the place
Value for Money - 3.5 for being slightly pricey than normal
Service - 4.5 for the friendly staff who made us feel more than welcome
+0.5 - for the freebies, excellent service system of this establishment.

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