Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jozu Kin, The Japanese Gold, BGC

Name: Jozu Kin, The Japanese Gold
Location: Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City
Google Maps: Burgos Circle
Date and Time: Jan 14, 2011 08:20 PM
Must know: Great service, No service charge, "Happening" location

Ordered from the menu:
  • Sake Sushi Balls with Cream Cheese & Crispy Skin (Php 195.00)
  • Maguro Togarashi (Php 125.00)
  • Sukiyaki (Php 450.00)
  • Kani Wasabi Maki (Php 239.00)

Sake Sushi Balls with Cream Cheese and Crispy Skin (Php 195.00)
This dish is a fushionist's dream concoction, not unappealing but certainly something I will be looking for in the near future. The cream cheese shaped as a ball is delicately wrapped in fresh salmon, fused by a sauce which is hard to put a finger on. It is accentuated by a crispy skin of salmon for art and beauty, although this dish is purely edible to the brim. Taken with the right amount of soy sauce, it brings the best out of the combination of cream cheese and fresh salmon.

Maguro Togarashi (Php 125.00)
For this dish, all I can say is: Incredible flavors! Especially for the wasabi lovers out there. This is a tuna sushi dish sprinkled with crispy breading and topped with wasabi mayo. I love that the texture was smooth complimented by the spicy from the first bite to last. Yummy!
Sukiyaki (Php 450.00)
They say that a Japanese restaurant can be judged by the quality of its sukiyaki so we decided to order this dish. The soup might have been a bit too sweet for my taste, but the combination of meat, vegetables and glass noodles which were cooked to perfection gives this dish something to brag about. Served in a big bowl and good for sharing.
Kani Wasabi Maki (Php 239.00)
To cap-off the night, we ordered some maki. This dish is well prepared and delicious! The tartar sauce was definitely not off the shelf. And the breaded kani had just the right filling of wasabi mayo inside for that oomph during that second bite.

Here's how it ranked on our scorecard.

Food Value - 4.5
Excellent quality for all dishes, nothing was left to chance from the start to end of their menu.

Ambiance - 5.0
We're suckers for Bonifacio Global City (our future home). The interior is a decorated modernly and the lighting is superb.

Value for Money - 4.0
The dishes we tried were excellent for their prices, although there are steak dishes here in the Php 1,500-2,000 range so we're not able to judge their value for money totally.

Service - 4.5
Everything was excellent and they were very attentive, I think they knew we were doing a food review. The only downside is the bill came after about 15-minutes, otherwise it would've been a 4.5.

X-Factor +0.5 perfect "Fri-date" place.
Total = 18.5 the best so far along with Kurosawa.

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