Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank You

What are the chances? I found renewed vigor for writing food reviews.

I was selling my iPhone online on and random people inquire about it (obviously, my purpose for posting it online). However, one person, for some reason chanced upon my blog and asked if I owned it. Of course I said yes, and he or she gave me a compliment about how informative it is. I don't know how word gets through but - thank you to everyone who has visited my reviews and spread the good word.

Thank you - it is very encouraging. Especially coming from a stranger, it feels good to know I am contributing something positive to society.

When I started this blog I had no idea it would take a lot of dedication and hard work to produce informative, impartial, constructive and methodical food reviews of the different establishments around the area. The first few reviews were a breeze, and then after some time it started becaming laborious - having to write down details, details, details. It takes a bit of O.C.-ness which I admit to, but sometimes it gets a little bit too demanding. Before I started doing this, I usually just enjoyed dining freely and was driven by enjoyment with no attention to detail. - Since then, I've been very observant of the finer details such as ambiance, tenderness of the food, how the flavor spreads in your mouth, imagining how the food was prepared, how intuitive the service is, making room for dessert, and more.

Now, when I dine and do my reviews, I take more than a few dozen pauses between dishes - and it does take a while (especially when I enjoy it). There are times when I've dined and just got tired of having to observe so much details that I don't bother anymore. I've been to places such as Charlie's Burger, Korean Grills, excellent dessert places, etc., I've been to so much places I could've reviewed but decided not to.

Now, I feel encouraged and enthused to return to writing reviews again.

What rewards me is the compliments, the "thank yous" I get for the very informative and construtive opinion I share about these establishments and dining experiences. And for that, I'm back for more.

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