Saturday, July 24, 2010

Heaven & Eggs Rock N' Roll, Eastwood

Name: Heaven & Eggs Rock N' Roll
Location: Eastwood City, Libis
Google Maps: Eastwood City Walk
Date: Late dinner, July 20, 10 PM
Must Know: Country-style meals, 10% SC

Ordered from the Menu:
Country Fried Chicken PHP265.00
Jeprox Slammer PHP400.00+

Another late night quick-dinner before catching the last full show of the box office hit 'Inception' starring Leonardo di Caprio. I had rushed from the office, leaving at around 9PM but the rain bogged-down traffic on EDSA and it took me almost an hour to get to Eastwood and settle down for dinner. My date had ordered ahead for both of us after having arrived earlier. When I got there, I had thought to myself of giving this place a review since I'm here anyway.

I've eaten her a couple of times already when it was just Heaven and Eggs without the Rock n' Roll concept. Honestly, the redecoration is not bad - it just probably suits another generation. I remember this place having more of a countryhome ambiance with the feeling of green meadows and endless valleys outside. Now it more or less felt like - hard rock cafe. I prefer the country style concept but I guess its management decided to take another direction.

The dishes arrived together shortly and we had every intention of sharing it so the Country Style Chicken  (PHP 265.00) dish found its way to me while the Jeprox Slammer (PHP 400.00+) had faith destine it towards my lovely date.

Okay, so let's get down to business. This review better be snappy so I can catch the 11PM showing.

The Country Style Chicken is served as a boneless chicken dressed with gravy with sidings of scrambled eggs (although I believe you can choose sunny side-up if you wish), garlic rice, steamed veggies, and some ketchup. I'm not a big fan of ketchup, unless it's home-cooked chicken, so I sort of assumed it would taste something like home-cooked chicken. The meat is a little tender and not too hard to slice off so I got a small portion, took a chunk of egg and ate it like breakfast. Honestly, the chicken tasted a little bland for my liking so I tried mixing the ketchup but nothing still stood-out. The veggies, I wouldn't recommend as it tasted like it had been steamed ealier that day and it was not fresh at all. However, the garlic rice was so good it would be impossible to turn down, even for carb-evaders. The meal is decent, I'll tell you that. It sure hits the stomach, but it wont excite your taste buds if your main intention is some fantastic gastronomic experience.

Country Style Chicken (PHP 265.00)

Moving on, I tried moving on to try the Jepprox Slammer.
The Jeprox Slammer is like a sampler of most Filipino breakfast dishes. If I remember correctly, there's beef tapa, longanisa, scrambled eggs, shredded strips of fried adobo, atsara, and a pseudo fried rice which didn't taste like anything at all. This was a lot better and the dish had its own strong identity. No one serves all of these things together, at least that I know of. The longanisa was great, just the right crisp but still tender to savor the meat flavor. The beef tapa is by far the best element of this meal, I didn't even use the sauces. The adobo flakes was really thin and crispy, not bad at all. The only thing that could improve on this meal was that they could've used more eggs as there's so much viands that you could use more eggs to compliment the entire array of meat. Over-all, I really liked this dish.

Jeprox Slammer (PHP 400.00+)

Here's how it ranked against our scorecard.

4.0 - Food quality is excellent, their cooking is really country style and rich in flavor.

3.5 - Ambiance is not for me although I know there's a crowd for this type of design. Just not my age group.

3.5 - Value for money is reasonable. I found the Jeprox slammer a bit expensive although I understand it's a signature dish.

3.0 - Service was normal. Not a lot of people that time so it was not optimal.

14 - Total. I'd recommend the Jeprox slammer and it would also be good for sharing. Heaven N' Eggs is a good place to spend time with family and friends. It's cozy but also small enough to feel private.

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