Monday, May 31, 2010

Postponed: Ristra's Mexican Food

I wasn't able to visit Ristra's as planned. Will have to reschedule this one.


  1. hey primo! my friend's dad did the kitchen of ristras. i've tried their burrito -- it's HUGE. i'm a big eater, and i wasn't able to finish the whole piece. but they really cut it in half, so i think it's really meant for sharing. if i remember correctly, it comes with blue chips. they also have imported beer, but their frozen margarita is a better choice for me. right across ristras is a tea place that i also want to try -- not sure if it's the same place that opened in aguirre (i cannot remember the name!) i super love little baguio, but i alway get lost there -- that night that i tried out ristras, i missed a turn somewhere and ended up passing the street leading to cafe ysabel (which i heard is another place to try out) where i saw this little dessert shop. i was so full already so we didn't check it out anymore, i think the name of the place is chocolat (or some other name synonymous to chocolate). it looked promising! haha!

    anyway...i think im gonna be a fan of your blog na haha! will make sure to recommend places na we've tried :) include restos with ambiance na perfect for dates ha! hahaha!!

  2. Hi Mina,

    Thanks for dropping by. I've been very busy lately and haven't been able to try anything new. Ristra's is still on-hold, hopefully I will get to try it soon. Please do send your recommendations.