Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mr. Kurosawa, Eastwood City

Name: Mr. Kurosawa
Location: Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City
Google Maps: Eastwood Mall
Must Know: 8% Service Charge. Wide array of food choices. I think this is owned by Marvin Agustin (a local celebrity)?
Date: May 21, 2010
Image courtesy of: Amrei Dizon

This was the 2nd restaurant we've critiqued and so far, we've been very lucky. To be honest, I was insisting on trying another restaurant because I've read a bad review of Mr. Kurosawa, but for the sake of fairness, I agreed to give this night to my girlfriend's choice.

First off for appetizer was Tofu Steak (PHP 248.00) and this one had a lot of ingredients such as thin slices of beef, green peas, and (probably shitake) sliced mushrooms. I tried eating the ingredients separately mainly because they weren't holding up together - and it didn't taste anything special. However, when I changed my style wherein I cut the tofu, which is served in rectangles, and put all the ingredients on top - the taste was very good. Not very different from a lot of establishments serving this type of dish but my girlfriend and I agreed the food preparation is excellent. Good way to start.

The next dish on the line-up is the Bushido Blade (PHP 238.00) which is an unagi sushi with other ingredients I forgot and dashed with some teryiaki sauce. I've only recently appreciated unagi (eel) so I specifically chose this. The service was excellent and when our server came in with the sushi, he then proceeded with pouring us our soy sauce in our small bowls. The dish was excellent and we did not even touch our soy sauces in finishing the entire dish. It had the perfect timing of coming after the appetizer to prepare our palates ready for the main dish.

Main dish was Salmon Wasabi Cream Sauce (PHP 338.00) and Shrimp Enoki Pizza (PHP 308.00) for that Neo-Japanese experience.

I like anything with Wasabi and this salmon dish was not bad at all. My first bite was misleading as I didn't taste any wasabi, however, the 2nd tasted much better. Again, very well prepared but my only comment was that the cream sauce could've been mixed better to make the taste consistent with a hint of wasabi.

The pizza was probably the best of that night and if we didn't order so much, we would've ordered 2 of that dish. Just to remind those who might not be aware of what enoki is, it's like small mushrooms which is often wrapped in beef in most Japanese restos. The combination of the shrimp with enoki, on top of melted mozzarella was just great. The taste simply fused-together melting in your mouth to give it that rich flavor.

My girlfriend was actually so thrilled of our experience that she requested a feedback form from our server. Moments later, the head wait (or manager) approached us apologizing that they just ran out of feedback forms. However, they valued customer feedback so much they gave us a piece of blank paper to freely write how we felt of the service. Obviously, my girlfriend was so thrilled she gave just right about the same critique I'm writing right now. When the manager received it, he was very appreciative and told us they had prepares some FREE DESSERT for us: banana split with three (3) scoops of ice cream. This was simply added points to an already excellent dining experience.

4.5 - Food Quality was excellent!

4.0 - Ambiance. Neo-Japanese theme but made you feel like in a club.

4.0 - Value for Money. The food is good but you'll have to pay for it.

5.0 - Service. Nothing beats those who value the customer's feedback.

+1.0 - X-factor for the excellent service and the free banana split.

TOTAL = 18.5 on our F.A.V.S. Scorecard


  1. Jim you should try their branch in resorts world manila. As a japanese food lover, theirs is the worst ive ever tasted in years.

    Try it.

    DJ Sarte

  2. DJ, I've heard many rants about their branch at Resorts World. Luckily for me, I tried a good branch. =)