Monday, May 31, 2010

Fukuya, Filinvest, Alabang

Name: Fukuya
Location: Festival Mall, Filinvest, Alabang
Google Maps: Festival Mall
Must Know: Pay as you order, Budget-Japanese-Food
Must –try: Okonimiyaki Hiroshima (Japanese Pizza)
Date: May 29, 2010

I wasn't able to go to my planned restaurant, Ristra’s, in Green Hills, San Juan so I decided on reviewing this affordable Japanese restaurant in Filinvest, Alabang. We were about to do the grocery around 11AM but got hungry so we decided on something quick-and-easy.

Fukuya is this ‘fast-food’ type Japanese restaurant where you order in front and find a table at the back. I go to this place in particular for my favorite Japanese dish, the ‘Okonomiyaki or better known as Japanese Pizza.

Something to note, the place is not really something I would recommend for a date. Not unless you're with casual company and agreeable to something quick and snappy, you're better off finding another Japanese restaurant. However, this place won't hurt your wallet - it will only leave you happy getting a fix on that Japanese food craving.

First on the list is their Gyoza (PHP 90.00) or Japanese dumplings. This is served a bit fried to give it a golden crisp on the sides, but not completely. You would be a bit disappointed that the actual serving doesn't match the artificial display outside in their display-menu where the gyoza looks stuffier than the actual dish that is served. However, over-all their dumplings is good – typical as what you would expect.

Next on the menu is their Okonomiyaki Horishima (PHP 150.00) style, this is served with noodles as opposed to the other one where there is none. The dish is prepared with pancake batter, sprinkled with veggies, some jap-mayo, some sauce, and noodles. This is a vegetarian's delight. Note that this is not the best Okonomiyaki dish in the metro, however with a price tag like that; it certainly tops the thrift meter.

After a quick fix, total damage is only less than PHP 400.00. Can you believe that? It’ll be hard to find a more affordable quick-fix Japanese-joint than this.

Here’s the run down on the F.A.V.S. scorecard.

3 - Food Quality. Don’t expect it to taste like it was prepared by an authentic Japanese chef who takes pride in his work. However, this isn't bad for a call-of-nature-craving for some Asian cuisine.

3 – Ambiance is also not bad. Although this place is a pay-as-you-order establishment, the place is tidy and doesn't smell bad at all.

4.0 - Value for money is this place’s best trait. Japanese food cannot be this cheap, however, they have been doing it for a long time.

2.5 – Service was a bit poor that time. Our two dishes took about 25-minutes to be served. And although they cook the food as you order, it shouldn't take this long.

TOTAL = 12.5. Take note that I don’t advise bringing a date here, but this solves your cravings without hurting the budget.

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