Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Army Navy, Filinvest, Alabang

Name: Army Navy
Location: Commerce, Filinvest, Alabang
Google Maps: The Commerce Center
Must Know: Pay as you order
Date: May 22, 2010

This joint is known for its burritos. Unfortunately, the night we were there was kind of like a slow night for them. They didn't have the Breakfast Burrito I wanted so we opted for ordering 2 Double "Bully Boy" Burgers (PHP 235.00) and 2 orders of their patented "LiberTea" (PHP 55.00) sweetened iced tea. Catchy right?

Their double-burgers are 2 patties quarter pound burgers - so you have a half-pound of meat in a serving right there.

Due to my current challenge of the bulge, I opted to keep mine plain, while my girlfriend opted to add some extra cheese (PHP 25.00) and bacon (PHP 25.00) on her burger. Yes, you have to pay for extra toppings. Otherwise, no-fuss burgers will consist of the regular lettuce, tomatoe and a bit of mayo I think. You can add some more mayo and ketchup to your liking with the squeezable dispensers found is most of the tables.
This place is similar to the other burger joints such as Hot Shots and Brothers Burger. What sets it apart, though, is that it serves other food like burritos and subs.

Sadly, the serving time was poor and it may have to do with the fact that they just recently opened. Our good burgers took about 10-15 minutes to be served. We also saw a couple of irate customers waiting for their orders to be served.

Okay, chow-time. Once the burgers arrived, we sank our teeth into them immediately. First bite lets you know how juicy the burgers are, not over cooked but just right that it doesn't splatter its juicy fat on the paper wrapper halfway when you're eating it. Taste was also good and so were the buns, which had black sesame seeds. I later found out through my girlfriend they're torched sesame seeds - weird because it doesn't make your bread taste any different, nor does it taste burnt. It's called a Kaiser bun. Over-all, the burger was GOOD. Had I been a little fitter this time I would've had the courage to order their triple-pattie burger, that's 3/4 of a pound. However, not now when the bulge is winning.

The iced tea is typical, I don't know why they called it different anyway.

Also, the place looked awefully like a "Yellow Cab" set-up, I would find out later that it is connected to the pizza joint beside it. Are they owned by the same person? I wouldn't know.

Over-all, I'd go back to this place for some good burgers! It's a real knock-out and I'd love to come back one day for their Triple "Bully Boy" Burger. I'd also like to try their subs too.

Here's how it ranked-up against the FAVS scorecard:

4 - Food Quality was good. The meat was juicy and the toppings are tasty.

3 - Ambiance since it didn't quite have its own feel, being beside Yellow Cab and all.

3 - Value for Money because its a bit pricey for burgers but still cheaper than a Chilli's burger.

2.5 - Service since they took really long but the staff was very pleasant anyway. It might be a case of
improper kitchen management.

No x-factor here.

TOTAL = 12.5. Good for a casual date, probably right before you bring her home.


  1. Hey Primo, been wanting to try this place. Nagdedeliver ba sila?

  2. Hi Alvin,

    I'm not sure if they're already delivering. But, I suggest you try going there first so you can see the full menu and really try what you think suits you.

    I'll come back some time to try their subs.

  3. Will make sure to visit this place before we go home. Keep the reviews going Prim, I like your writing style.


  4. Thanks, Vince! Punta tayo, my treat!

  5. hi.nagdedeliver sila. yellowcab and AN are owned by the same person but recently YC sold to pancake house.